A Mesmerizing Thriller Unraveling How


 Became A Pandemic

Deceit of the Soul is a prophetic saga, written before the breaking news stories, where the reader often doesn’t know when it's fact or fiction.


There is always a story behind the story – a story that is never told – truths the economic elite, the politicians, intelligence ranks, and even the media never want you to know.

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Three-time 5-star


There is a story before COVID-19 became a pandemic.  For Li Huiwei, the story never ends.


Her intellect was always Huiwei’s blessing and curse since she was a young girl taken from her family.  A Colonel in the People’s Republic Air Force and an expert in statistical modeling, she stumbles on the information to potentially bring the Global economies to their knees.  It was her plan, one she never intended, and one she cannot stop.


Time is running out, she knows the odds, she made them.  In a world where trust is a limited commodity, can her former colleagues from M.I.T, and a Royal Air Force Commander, save her from herself, and the World from the worst possible outcome of a Global pandemic.


At what point do people unravel the identity thrust upon them and discover the deceit of the soul, finding the inner strength to act on the actual truths revealed, to choose a path when there are no good choices.


My Story

Henry Cox has been a distinguished trial lawyer for 40 years, receiving a number of professional honors.  He has litigated hundreds of cases nationwide that expose and unravel the drama and comedy of human events.


After writing a legion of non-fiction stories for the courtroom, he brings his colorful and insightful writing style to fiction, revealing the conflict, intrigue and humor of the human condition.

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What Are People Saying

"Deceit of the Soul captures the horrifying tensions of the current global crisis with fast-paced dialog, heart-stopping action and fascinating, well-drawn characters in a spellbinding setting. The story also gives the readers hope for a resolution in this page-turning thriller."

Cathy Sherman,

Freelance Writer and Professional Photographer


Why You Want To Read It

The reader will be amazed with such a timely novel directly on the COVID-19 pandemic.
Deceit of the Soul is about how an actual pandemic came to be and not the re-told tales of a
hypothetical virus, in a hypothetical apocalyptic sci-fi world.

The corona-virus threw the World into a tailspin. There are real people who took real actions that put the pieces in place leading to a pandemic. A disappointing truth: real governments, real politicians, controlled media and the economic elite will never let the real story be told.

First, the book is simply a good entertaining thriller to read – the most important reason to read it.

Second, the reader sees the common sense of the plausible who, why and how the pandemic began.
The story was written almost prophetically BEFORE the news media started catching up – and they
won’t, they can’t.

Third, readers will challenge their own emotions, understanding, or not wanting to understand, that what they believe are truths are not actually the truth. As reviewers have said when reading the book, you don’t always know when it’s fact or fiction.


In February 2020, author/attorney Henry Cox, saw there were obvious questions intentionally not being asked, inconsistent answers to the ones that were asked, and too many gaps in the answers compared to already accessible information. So, in early March, Henry wrote a storyline filling in some of those gaps, using mesmerizing characters. It simply is not ironic that so much of the story is becoming fact as more diverse investigative news reporting begins asking the same questions and challenging the spin.


For readers who enjoy human-dynamics, the intense character development is intentional, allowing the reader to explore the nature of different individuals and how they respond and cope with their existential revelations, along with how their interactions overlap in creating cascading events. Henry brings years of professional legal experience in profiling individuals, workgroups, and organizations, along with statistical modeling, to build the interrelations between people and group dynamics, drawing a plausible story on how this World-changing event even happened in the first place.


People inherently create their own sense of truths. Then, they engage in a type of cognitive dissonance to use facts to reinforce their own view of the truth and to discredit other facts that do not fit within their paradigm. It is very difficult for a person to objectively unravel their own beliefs and truths. At what point do people unravel the identity thrust upon them and discover the deceit of the soul, finding the inner strength to act on the actual truths revealed, to choose a path when there are no good choices.